New Family Registration Form

New Family Registration Form 2013-14

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Please Note:

Kindergarten students who are planning to attend GACC must be five years of age on or before July 31, in order to enroll for the school year starting in the fall.    Pre-School students must be 4 by July 31, in order to start Pre-School in the fall.

A copy of a Baptismal Certificate is required for each student NOT baptized at St. Mary's, St. Aloys, St. Boniface or St. Anthony's.

Please make sure to submit the following, along with this registration form, to complete the enrollment process:
1.  Copy of Birth Certificate

2.  Immunization Card

3.  Physical Exam (& Eye Exam for Kindergarten)

4.  Copy of Baptismal Certificate (only for students who were NOT baptized at St. Mary's, St Aloys', St. Boniface, or St. Anthony's.)