National Honor Society

Membership in the National Honor Society is both an honor and a responsibility. Selection for membership is by Faculty Council and is based on outstanding scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Students selected for membership are expected to continue to demonstrate the qualities of scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

Candidates eligible for membership must be a member of the sophomore, junior, or senior classes. Candidates are evaluated in the spring semester. They must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 91.0% (B+). Eligible candidates are then evaluated on the basis of leadership, character, and service.

Leadership and character are based on faculty rating. Each member rates students with whom they have had definite contact on a 1-4 scale (1-poor, 2-average, 3-about average, 4-superior). The criteria the teachers are looking at are:


  1. Demonstrates leadership in the classroom or organization work.
  2. Is thoroughly dependable in any responsibility he/she accepts.
  3. Demonstrates initiative in carrying out any responsibility without the prodding of teachers.
  4. Exemplifies the qualities and attitudes, which are a silent influence on others for good.


  1. Demonstrates highest standards of attitude toward honesty, reliability, fairness, and tolerance.
  2. Constantly exemplifies desirable qualities of personality – cheerfulness, friendliness, neatness, poise, and stability.
  3. Cooperates by complying with school regulations.
  4. Exemplifies positive independent thinking.

Service in based on the “Student Activity Information Form” the the candidates fill out. It is also rated in the same 1 to 4 scale.

The ratings are then averaged by the faculty advisor. Selection for membership is determined by the faculty council (group of five teachers appointed annually by the Principal). The faculty council reviews the overall averages and the students’ activity information forms and selects each member by a majority vote. Students selected for membership in the National Honor Society are announced at Awards Night.

Members who do not live up to the standards of the National Honor Society will be warned in writing by the Chapter Advisor and given a reasonable amount of time to correct the deficiency. In cases of flagrant violation of school rules or violation of civil laws, a member does not necessarily need to be warned before dismissal from the National Honor Society. Warnings include, but are not limited to the following: grade point average falling below 91.0%, suspension due to honor card violations, violations of the Central Catholic Chemical dependency policy, student pregnancy (both boy and/or girl). Normally the first violation will result in a written warning. If there is a second violation, the candidate will appear before the faculty council. At this meeting there will be a presumptive recommendation of dismissal from the National Honor Society. A third violation would warrant automatic dismissal. For purposes of dismissal, a majority vote of the faculty council is required.